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References from Candidates

We know that finding the right job, in the right location at the right salary can be challenging, but we will help you do just that! Here are just a few of our success stories.

Igor Kovalenko

from Makiivka, Ukraine

I graduated in medicine from Lviv National Medical University in 2007. I didn’t know what specialism I should chose but I knew I want to start my career in medicine abroad. It is very difficult to secure a good medical job in Ukraine if you don’t have a network of people who can give you references. I decided to look for a job in Germany because hospitals there offer a clear career path and modern equipment, which is a rarity in Ukraine.

Although there is a big shortage of doctors in Germany, hospitals there are very hesitant of hiring foreign doctors. This is because there is a lot of formalities we need to overcome in order to get a visa, and limited understanding about Ukrainian standards of education. They are worried that foreign doctors instead of bringing value will just create problems.

This is why the best decision I took was to contact MedicumSearch. They knew the hiring managers in the hospitals I was interested in, and were able to convince them that I was the right candidate for the job. You really need someone like them to back you up and speak on your behalf if you want to secure the job. They have also helped me to settle down in Koblenz where I currently live. Now I am happily married and awaiting my little daughter to be born in one month.

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Alexandru Moraru

from Tulcea, Romania

Finishing my studies at University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Oradea, 2010, was a big thing for me. I wanted to change my life, I wanted to travel and discover the Europe but on the other hand I didn’t want to take a gap year to do just travelling. Ideally my plan was to combine it with work as a doctor. I was always fascinated with Western Europe but apart from visiting my uncle in Berlin I didn’t really have the opportunity to explore it. I wasn’t sure if it would be possible for me to work abroad. Then I found out about MedicumSearch. I sent them my CV and after a week they got back to me with an invitation for an interview at a hospital in The Netherlands. I was amazed! I went for short visit the clinic in the heart of Amsterdam where I had the chance to see different departments, talk to potential future colleagues, meet my boss, get to know the hospital but also the city. I fell in love with everything I saw! After I got back home I was sure I wanted to work there. Just 6 months later I was living in De Pijp, a trendy neighborhood of Amsterdam, just a 10 min cycle from my workplace, enjoying the international life in the truly international place. I would never have got here without MedicumSearch. They made sure my medical approbation process went smoothly, negotiated my salary and ensured my smooth relocation abroad.

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Mária Horváthová

from Levice, Slovakia

Back in 2009, I had just completed my Anaesthesiology training at the Martin University hospital in the Slovak Republic. Around the time, my boyfriend was given the opportunity to move to Switzerland with work. I decided to go with him, and began looking for Anaesthesiology positions in Zurich. At that time I wasn’t fully fluent in German, so I knew it would be difficult to understand job advertisements and communicate with hospitals directly. A friend living overseas introduced me to MedicumSearch. They allocated me to a German-speaking advisor who was able to explain the Swiss hospital system to me, and look for positions on my behalf. That really took the pressure off! Within a couple of months, he had found a very well paid position for me at a small hospital near the city centre. I was delighted. My advisor helped us arrange the move over there. It was so much easier with MedicumSearch helping me, I’d definitely use them if I want to move back again!

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Anya Kalns

from Bauska, Latvia

After my divorce in 2010, I was looking to make a fresh start in another country. I was particularly interested in the UK as I know that the hospitals and equipment are of a very high standard there. I found MedicumSearch by accident browsing online for positions. I got in touch, and within a few hours was having a conversation with an advisor. She told me that there were a number of positions open at a teaching hospital in the Midlands. A few weeks later, I was invited on an all-expenses paid trip to Birmingham to visit a hospital there. I felt right at home straight away – and accepted a position there a week later. MedicumSearch took care of the details, so I could focus on looking forward to my new life!

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Kristian Stoev

from Burgas, Bulgaria

I’ve always wanted to travel, so after I qualified in Bulgaria, I started looking for work in Western Europe. As a Cardiologist, I know my skills are always in-demand, so I thought it would be easy to secure a position in Germany. But I also work long hours, so quickly realised that finding the time to apply for positions and organise the visa and house move was easier said than done! A former colleague told me that she had been placed by a company called MedicumSearch. I got in touch straight away, and was amazed how efficient they were. They already had some hospitals and clinics looking for Cardiologists with my experience, so I was able to choose a clinic that sounded right for me. They paid for me to fly over to Germany for to visit two clinics and have an interview. I was offered both jobs, so was able to choose the clinic that was nearest to my relatives who relocated a couple of years before. Three years on, and I haven’t looked back!

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Alexis Gianopoulos

from Edessa, Greece

When I graduated in 2011 from the University of Patras I didn’t have a clear plan of what to do next. I was not sure I wanted to stay in Greece as the economical situation was already bad and I was afraid that it is going to get even worse. I didn’t want to jeopardize the start of my career. The health care system is not in favor of fresh graduates either, so you have to struggle a lot to secure a good position in one of the hospitals there. I started to look for a job abroad. It is very difficult though and takes a very long time to understand the rules of the health care system of the country you want to move to. This is what made me decide to get help from a recruitment agency. I knew from my friends about MedicumSearch. They helped couple of my friends to move to Sweden and Austria. I was considering my relocation to Germany and luckily they have great expertise in recruitment in this country too. I have received a fully dedicated consultant who did all the formalities for me and placed me in an amazing clinic in Moenchengladbach. He helped me prepare for the interviews, secured my flights to Germany and took care of the accommodation. After I decided to move there he negotiated a really good salary and package, which I would never get back home in Greece. I immediately told my friends, with whom I was studying about the deal that MedicumSearch secured for me, and two of them decided to use their services too. Within 2 months they joined me working in the same clinic, and we now live really close together. It feels like home in a way. I could never imagine better start into my career than that. I definitely recommend working with MedicumSearch.

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Yonca Erdogan

from Burdur, Turkey

I was still a student with Ankara University when I found out about MedicumSearch. My cousin who is also a doctor used them twice. The first time she moved from Turkey to Germany to work as a cardiologist in Berlin, and the second time she wanted to move to a different hospital in Koeln. She told me they were very professional and will always negotiate the best contract for you. Which is why it is always better to use their help rather than doing it completely by yourself. Especially that they don’t charge anything for their work – there’s no reason not to! When I graduated in 2012 I got in touch with them with a very vague idea of what I want to do next. They explored all the options for me. I chose a great position from a number of options that were presented, and ended up moving to one of the best clinics in the whole Germany, in Berlin. For me it was a very safe choice to work with MedicumSearch as I knew I there was nothing to lose.

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László Szabó

from Eger, Hungary

1 year has passed since I moved to Hamburg, Germany and I love this city. After I graduated from the University of Szeged in 2007 I decided to stay in town and start my career in anaesthesiology at the local hospital. I didn’t have an easy start though. Hospitals in Hungary are very poorly equipped, structures there are very hierarchical and what’s more, salaries for doctors in Hungary are very low. I assumed I’d just keep working hard and at some point I would start earning good money. The breakthrough came when I decided to visit my cousin Margit in Hamburg. She is also a doctor and was living and working there already for few years. During my stay she was invited by MedicumSearch for interviews – she was planning to move to a different hospital in Hamburg. This is how I found out about MedicumSearch. When Margit got back from the interviews she asked me if I would be also interested in speaking to them. I had nothing to lose and the next day I went out for a coffee with Thomas, one of their consultants. He sold it to me, after half an hour I had no doubts it was time for me to move. I agreed to the terms and conditions, they negotiated my salary and took care of all the formalities. I virtually didn’t do anything at all. The move abroad was so easy with MedicumSearch. On top of that Margit has received 600 Eur for recommending me to MedicumSearch (from their Charity Referral Scheme).

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Milena Svobodová

from Jemnice, Czech Republic

I was not really looking to change my job. I was working in the biggest hospital in Ostrava and was pretty satisfied with my life. My friends and family were living there so I couldn’t imagine living abroad, far from them. I came across MedicumSearch through my friend who sent them my details as part of the Charity Referral Scheme). I was not really looking for a new job, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to meet up with them for a dinner. Petr from MedicumSearch arrived with an invitation to interview for a job in Stockholm which sounded perfect. They offered to pay for my flights for interviews, cover costs of my accommodation and food there, and said that if I was interested in the job they would pay for 6 months Swedish language course in either Budapest of Barcelona, paying me monthly 700Eur, just for learning the language. They would also pay for a language course for my husband and my children. It turns out there is quite a big community of Czech doctors in Scandinavia so I wouldn’t feel alienated. I realized I had nothing to lose and the prize was very tempting! A really good salary, living in the country with a very high standard of living, gaining international experience, meeting new people. I decided I’d do it. We’ve lived in Uppsala for the last 2 years and we love it. MedicumSearch helped to find a job for my husband, both of my children have assimilated very quickly and they love their new international friends! I can afford to pay for the flight tickets for my parents to visit us pretty often and with many low cost flights it’s very easy for us to go back home as often as we want. For two years running we have taken the whole family to Thailand for a whole month – we could never afford it if I hadn’t taken this job. One day we will move back to the Czech Republic, but having had a great enriching experience that has changed our lives. I am very glad I let MedicumSearch do the hard work for us!

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Magdalena Mikulska

from Chełm, Poland

I think it happens to many young doctors after graduation. What to do next? That’s the question many of us are asking ourselves. The medical system has changed a lot in Poland in last few years. In theory medical jobs are much better paid than they were 10 years ago and it’s easier to get a good job there. But in real life it’s harder than we all want to think. It’s very difficult after graduation to get a job offer in the specialization and the hospital that you are interested in. Very often there are just 1 or 2 places available in some hospitals’ departments, and with hundreds of graduates applying each year it makes it virtually impossible to get your ideal job. Many of my friends decided to compromise and accept a job below their expectations or to change their specialism. But I didn’t want to compromise. That’s the reason I decided to look at moving abroad. I wanted to go through a recruiter because I knew it wouldn’t cost me anything, but at the same time someone would take care of me and make sure I get a job with good conditions. My friends have already worked with MedicumSearch and I heard only good opinions about them, so for me my choice regarding the agency was easy. I am aware you need to be very careful which agency you choose to represent you, it can go really wrong, because there many small ‘home-run’ agencies which don’t have as much experience in the recruitment process.

When I found a role in Cologne, I knew that the hospital also had other vacancies, so I encouraged my best friend, who is also a doctor, to move with me. We are not the only Polish doctors at our hospital, we have very big team that comes from Poland. It was really good for us, especially in the beginning when you are new to the hospital, new to town, new to the culture – they helped us acclimatizing very quickly! The other big advantage of working in the Polish team was that I didn’t need to have a B2 level certificate in German. Of course I had to be able to speak some German but not perfectly. That’s what you usually need to prove when you are applying for the medical job in Germany. Thankfully the head of my department was Polish and he made sure I didn’t need it at the beginning. We agreed that I would sign up for a German course while over here, and I could pass the certificate later. I am very thankful MedicumSearch helped us find such great jobs here. I have already recommended them to few of my friends that were looking to move abroad for jobs in Switzerland.

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Zoran Popović

from Valjevo, Serbia

I graduated at The University of Belgrade, Faculty of dental Medicine, a year ago and I can’t believe how my life has changed since then. I am now working in one of the biggest and best dental clinics in the whole of Germany. It was not easy to get here, I’ve been studying hard and learning German for quite few years with a view to moving abroad once I graduated. I knew there were quite a lot of doctors from Serbia in Germany which is why the country appealed so much to me. I now feel like a part of this community. The easiest part of my journey here was thanks to MedicumSearch. I contacted them when I was in the 3rd year of my studies. I know, it was way before I was eligible to work as a doctor, but it doesn’t harm to establish a relationship with them earlier. They are the biggest medical recruitment company in Serbia so it was no question I wanted only them to represent me and find me a job in Germany. I don’t regret my choice. I think they did a great job and I still keep in touch with them. Who knows when I will need their services in the future when I will be willing to change jobs again.

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Stanka Marić

from Dakovo, Croatia

Back when I was living in Zagreb, I thought that there must be many more opportunities to work abroad than there were at home. But I was a little scared to try. 5 years went by after I graduated in Internal Medicine from the University of Zagreb. I had a stable job and led an average life. But when I split with my fiancé a year ago I realized this kind of life wasn’t enough for me. I decided it was time to make a big change and move abroad. I was nervous that the foreign health care system would be very different from what I’m used to. So I knew I had to ask someone to help me out with probably the biggest move of my life. My cousin suggested getting in touch with MedicumSearch. I didn’t know them before but it turns out they are the biggest medical recruitment company in the whole central and Eastern Europe. I didn’t have to wait for long for them to prove their abilities to me. They took care about everything! I had expressed an interest in moving to Norway, so they organized several interviews for me there, helped me to prepare for them and even paid for flights and accommodation. They negotiated my salary and the package – something I had no clue how to do. All that for free! In the end I made the decision to move to Oslo and they were still there with me, ensuring my smooth relocation. They helped me to find an amazing flat, in a really nice neighbourhood, they put me in touch with other Croatian doctors, they keep in touch to help with any problems that come up. I had no idea you can get so much from one recruitment agency. I have recommended them to many of my friends who were looking to move to western Europe. As far as I know all of them are very happy with working with MedicumSearch.

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Viktor Galkin

from Lipetsk, Russia

I am very glad I found out about MedicumSearch. Not only because of the excellent help they offered me, but because they treated me with respect as a business partner (not as an asset), and they helped me realise my ambitions. I didn’t really know that Russian doctors are allowed to work in the EU. But MedicumSearch proved it is possible. It is difficult to overcome all the barriers, and there are many of them, but if you really want it, you can do it - with some help.

I graduated in paediatrics at Kursk State Medical University in 2006. I was one of the first graduates who finished the course in English. My knowledge of that language was pretty good and I decided to give it a go and tried applying to clinics in UK. How disappointed I was when after 6 months of sending applications, emailing, and calling I was still without a job. Then a friend who had been working as paediatrician in Paris told me about MedicumSearch. They helped him getting a job in France and he advised me getting in touch with them. He was right, thanks to their international reach, they secured me 3 interviews in London and it took them just few weeks (comparing to my 6 months of search). There is no point applying for jobs by yourself I realized. It took 3 months to ensure all the formalities like visa, job registration etc were done. Since then my career took off in the UK. I love it here. It’s a country which is very open and friendly towards Russians. This is also where I met my girlfriend, she is also Russian, from Michurinsk, so not far from my hometown. The world is so small – thanks to MedicumSearch!

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Rui Vilarinho

from Abrantes, Portugal

I always wanted to be a doctor, just like my father. I found it very difficult to get into a medical university in Portugal though. I decided to go for my studies to Prague, Czech Republic. The standards of education are very high, you can study medicine in English and take on other foreign languages if you want. What is also a big advantage: very beautiful girls! 6 years of studies went by unbelievably quickly and soon I realized I graduated and need to look for a job. I didn’t want to go back to Portugal as I really enjoyed my international life. My girlfriend at the time, whom I met at the university, was from Austria. Given that I used to study German a bit I decided to move with her to Vienna. There is a shortage of doctors in Austria but it is actually very difficult for the foreign doctor to get a job there. I am not sure what the reason is but probably they are afraid that our knowledge won’t meet their standards, maybe they are afraid that it will be difficult to communicate with us, or maybe combination of both. I knew that asking a recruitment agency to help you secure a job in a hospital is a safe way but I didn’t know any trustworthy agency. I spent a lot of time googling but all these recruitment companies didn’t seem reliable. At the end I saw my friend’s post on Facebook where she was praising MedicumSearch. I got in touch with her first and she told me to not hesitate but get in touch with these guys. Since the very beginning they were very professional, very interested in my ambitions and needs and treated me as an equal partner. I really liked it. In 2 months they have not only secured me 2 job interviews in the most well known clinics in Vienna but also did all the formalities for me, found a flat to stay and made it clear I can ask them for help any time I need it while living in Austria.

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Dario Cruz

from Cella, Spain

Spanish people are not famous for their ability to speak foreign languages well. So after my graduation from the University of Granada, in dermatology, when I decided to move abroad to work as a doctor, my friends thought I went crazy. I was able to speak some English but not good enough to work as a doctor in the UK. I didn’t want to take a gap year in order to improve my English because it felt like waste of time to me. I didn’t really consider other countries as an option because of the language barrier. In the meantime, in a medical journal I found an advert by MedicumSearch. And that was a breakthrough. What they said was that they are looking for doctors who want to start/continue their career in Denmark and before starting the work MedicumSearch pays you for the half year of an intensive course of Danish language. That is something that opened my eyes. I could start learning this language from scratch, together with other doctors from several European countries. There was no need to speak Danish at all. Given the high salary that they have offered me, great perks and benefits and high standard of living in Copenhagen - I didn’t think twice. I have been living in Denmark for 18 months now and I don’t regret my decision at all. I am sure I am going to stay here for another few years, especially given the tough economic situation in Spain. So far I have not only learned how to speak Danish but really improved my English as well, and that’s thanks to my international friends. In next 2 months 2 of my university friends are moving to Denmark too, now it’s going to feel like at home. I really recommend working with MedicumSearch, it feels like my life has changed dramatically since I got to know them.

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